Effective Learning in the Life Sciences

The book was edited by David Adams, Director of the UK Centre of Biosciences until September 2011

Today I have received my copy of Effective Learning in the Life Sciences: how students can achieve their full potential. As the subtitle implies, the book is targeted first and foremost at students wanting to make the most of their time at university, and at academics helping them to reach that goal.

1. Creativity (David Adams and Kevin Byron)

2. Problem solving: developing critical, evaluative, and analytical thinking skills (Tina Overton)

3. In the laboratory (Pauline Millican and David Adams)

4. Fieldwork (Julie Peacock, Julian Park and Alice Mauchline)

5. In vivo work (David Lewis)

6. Research projects (Martin Luck)

7. Maths and stats for biologists (Dawn Hawkins)

8. E-learning for biologists (Jo Badge, Jon Scott and Terry McAndrew)

9. Bioethics (Chris Willmott)

10. Assessment, feedback and review (Steve Maw and Paul Orsmond)

11. Communication in the biosciences (Joanna Verran and Maureen Dawson)

12. Bioenterprise (Lee Beniston, David Adams and Carol Wakeford)


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