Graduate employability: a growing concern

During the research for a recently-submitted paper, I decided to investigate the rising importance of graduate employability as a concern for universities (and the wider society). As an indicator of this trend I searched Google Scholar for articles with “graduate” and “employability” in the title – the results are shown in the chart below.

A survey of Google Scholar looking at the number of articles published over past thirty years with "graduate" and "employability" in the title

The increase in papers on graduate employability is striking, but probably not a surprise. Having done this research, however, I elected not to include the data in the paper. Why? My main concern was uncertainty about appropriate controls for the fact that there has been a general increase in information (specifically academic literature) during the same period. I was therefore uncomfortable about the dangers of over-interpretation.

Should I have worried? Is it a valid observation? What could serve as a legitimate control?  Any thoughts gratefully received.


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  1. It’s the echo chamber. One does it so they all do it so as not to fall behind in the league tables. Baaa.

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