Q: What’s the connection between the Prime Minister and undergraduate students?

Answer: neither empties their mailbox fast enough. This would be funny, except I’m trying to exercise my democratic right regarding the most important bioethics legislation in a generation and being thwarted by the technology.

democracy... undelivered

democracy... undelivered

UPDATE (22nd October): I tried on more than ten occasions over a 24 hour period to have this message delivered, all to no avail. I’m not trying to pass the buck here, I know I should have got my act together and sent a letter in plenty of time. My point is this – if this is an advertised route via which the PM can be contacted then it ought to work. I can quite understand if the mailbox is inundated with pleas on all manner of issues. But if it is not a functional service then it should be very clear, for example in the autoresponse, that this is not the way to contact the Prime Minister rather than a message that implies you could and should try again later.

FURTHER UPDATE (22nd March 2009): The BBC reports that the Number 10 have now withdrawn the capability to e-mail the Prime Minister (see Number 10 gets rid of PM’s e-mail)


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