DVD storage ideas – here’s one I prepared earlier

As someone who regularly uses off-air recordings of TV programmes in my teaching (see BioethicsBytes), I’ve generated quite a library of DVDs which have been knocking around for a while in a series of boxes. With storage of the discs being in need of a bit of rationalisation, I bought an allegedly purpose-designed CD/DVD unit from a high street store. (We won’t embarrass them by naming them, but the shop sounds very like the boat on which Jason and his pals set off in search of the Golden Fleece). It turned out that the system of pre-drilled holes allowed the shelves to be arranged for CDs or for mixed media, but could not be made to work in any sensible manner for DVDs alone.

I finally decided to take the solution into my own hands, and in the best Blue Peter tradition I decided that with the aid of a little sticky-backed plastic the solution was much closer to home. I’m very please with the outcome, so I offer you the following practical suggestions.

University of Leicester = University of the Year

The University of Leicester has been awarded the title University of the Year 2008 by the Times Higher.

Q: What’s the connection between the Prime Minister and undergraduate students?

Answer: neither empties their mailbox fast enough. This would be funny, except I’m trying to exercise my democratic right regarding the most important bioethics legislation in a generation and being thwarted by the technology.

democracy... undelivered

democracy... undelivered

UPDATE (22nd October): I tried on more than ten occasions over a 24 hour period to have this message delivered, all to no avail. I’m not trying to pass the buck here, I know I should have got my act together and sent a letter in plenty of time. My point is this – if this is an advertised route via which the PM can be contacted then it ought to work. I can quite understand if the mailbox is inundated with pleas on all manner of issues. But if it is not a functional service then it should be very clear, for example in the autoresponse, that this is not the way to contact the Prime Minister rather than a message that implies you could and should try again later.

FURTHER UPDATE (22nd March 2009): The BBC reports that the Number 10 have now withdrawn the capability to e-mail the Prime Minister (see Number 10 gets rid of PM’s e-mail)